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*Warning: Blood*


When I woke up this morning, this is not the image I thought I would be posting today. It’s an important topic to tackle though I think, and something many women feel shamed about. I wasn’t brought up to be open about periods at all. They weren’t talked about so I found them extremely embarassing. There is no stopping a period though. 
These days, I’m much more open about them with those I feel I want to be. It’s just blood. It’s coming out of my vagina, and most other womens too.
As many TV adverts full of blue dye will tell you, you can still do most things whilst on your period. I’d like to add sometimes and for some women. For others, and myself someimes too, periods are the most fucking painful thing ever where all you can do is curl up a ball and cry becuase fuck this hurts more than anything possible*.
*Apart from a HSG, that definitely hurt more.
Those months, if you come near me with your dick, I’ll probably bite it off. 

This month however, I am HORNY AS FUCK. 

Usually we just continue on as normal with the addition of a couple towels. Have a shower before hand and theres minumum fuss. Period sex doesn’t need to be a big deal, but it is always best to warn your partner just in case they haven’t realised. I may have once forgotten to mention and he didn’t realise until he went down on me. Oops. 

This morning there was still blood. It looks like more than it actually is. He laid towels out on the bed and  stretched my cunt longingly, watching it form a small pool at my opening. I took a photo to see what he was pining at. We watched how it moved as he pulled me in different directions. We searched for the best positions, a higher cervix when on a period means fucking harder in doggy. He didn’t need any further encouragement.

My husband still wants to fuck me whether my cunt is dripping wet, or dripping blood. I’m not kiding anyone, he obviously much prefers the former, but the fact the blood doesn’t put him off is a whole other level of sexy. 

What are your thoughts on period sex?

Period sex, period sex
Think of it as just Mother Nature’s juice cleanse
Period sex, period sex
It’s a little gross but I’m less likely to get pregnant during
Period sex, period sex
It must be summer ’cause we’re gonna slip and slide into some
Period sex, period sex
If you’re grossed out, let’s pretend it’s cherry lube!
Period sex, period sex
It’s not weird, it’s just another kind of lip gloss!
Period sex, period sex
You don’t get to say “let me just put it in your butt”!
– Rachel Bloom
You can lisen to the whole song from Crazy Ex Girlfriend here.
Sinful Sunday
Menstruation Matters

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  1. What a startlingly beautiful image!

    Neither of us is bothered by period sex either. Extras towels. A shower – maybe do it in the shower.

    The only change is that Silverdrop is now menopausal and, instead of 4-5 days of light to moderate bleeding, she now has one day of really heavy bleeding, then day 2 is light and gone. WWe both realise the heavy bleeding day was slightly off putting – but only for PIV – so don’t do it then.

  2. Bravo Beautiful picture. I have always been put off by the mess, and also because whilst I’m horny as hell the days leading up to my period, my libido usually takes a rapid dive once it starts. However, my partner is not at all fazed by period sex, so on the odd occasion we have indulged, and it wasn’t as awful as I’d feared.

  3. WOW, what an image. I absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing it… we should all be able to talk openly about menstruation, and show pictures of it too.

    Rebel xox

  4. Such a sexy, positive image. I think we do need to get more okay with sex and periods. Admittedly, it isn’t something I’m always comfortable with, but I’m getting there. Thank you for showing how sexy it can be.

  5. Great picture! I was always worried that my partners were put off by the blood (I bleed heavily for three days, then three days light bleeding), so I always avoided period sex. But my current partner has absolutely no problem with period sex, so we indulge in it quite often! It helps with the flow getting stronger and shortening the length of my period. And orgasms are a great relief from cramps. I am all for period sex!

  6. I love period sex. I didn’t use to until Michael showed changed my whole perspective on it. It can still be annoying and obviously painful but I don’t hate it like I used, in fact I find it rather beautiful and it makes me feel very alive


  7. I have to admit we don’t do period sex. Not because we’re squicked our by it but because my sex drive disappears into outer space.

    I’d much rather be left alone than have anyone touch me, let alone have sex!

    Love this image though, I’m hoping more people will link up period piccies because they’re so beautiful.

  8. We do on days I am light but it isn’t really his thing so it doesn’t happen too often x

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