A Little Past Midnight

I stir. It’s just past midnight and I awake from lying on your firm chest where I drifted to another world as you stroked my hair gently. I roll over and stretch out across the empty space. Your hand follows, searching for my touch in a sleepy daze. I move back towards you, aligning my hips with yours. My ass gyrating against your cock as I snuggle in closer. I feel it rising, pushing against me. I feel my cunt start to dampen, anticipating what might happen, but I’m still tired and dazed. I move away slightly and roll onto my stomach, ass in the air. I wait, hoping. You pull me back towards you, but I playfully hide in the pillows. I want you to take me. You kiss me and reach for my now soaked pussy, a moan escapes my lips as your fingers explore my wetness, the sound unmistakable. I raise my ass, stomach down, legs tensed together. You kneel behind me as your hard cock pushes my lips apart and slides into my tight cunt. I feel every inch of you inside me. I’m trapped with all your weight on me. I place my hands next to yours as you fuck me, hoping you’ll pin me down. You oblige as I moan, loving being used for your pleasure. You reach down and interlock your hands with mine as we intertwine tongues. I push my ass up to meet your thrusts as you spank it sharply with your hand. At first I couldn’t feel it even though the sound echoed around the room. The pleasure outweighed the pain. Suddenly the stinging sensation began and my cunt reacted warmly by becoming further drenched.

You pull out and force my hips up towards you as you push my legs out, spreading me in front of you. Your mouth finds my ass. Fuck. I moan louder as you tongue explores and your fingers massage my cunt and clit, as you do so expertly. I squirm. Your cock thrusts back into me as you pull me upwards kneeling for you as you push deeper into me from behind. I fall back down, face buried in the pillow biting my lip as you fuck me harder, faster. Your finger playing with my ass still, teasing. You know how much I love it. My whole body rippling under yours as you continue to fuck me like the slut you want me to be. I moan harder as the intensity builds, lusting for your cum inside of me, craving your orgasm.

I fall back to sleep with a smile on my lips, your cum dripping from me.

Missus Whispers

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  1. *fans self* well THAT hasn’t helped me cool down any…

  2. I adore lingerie, have I ever found the right blog to read. Your words are delightful extra.

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